Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dog Tired

Sarah was home for a few days for reading break and we took Murphy for a long walk.

 When we got home he was dog tired!!

 But if you say the words "go", "ride", "out", or "walk" he perks up again.  
He is ready to go anytime!

Friday, February 5, 2016


It's been a while since I updated this blog so here are some current pics of Murphy.

I was changing Sarah's bed sheets and when I came back to make the bed I found Murphy here.

I had to take a picture because this is not normal behaviour.
Our dogs don't sleep in our beds -  they never used to come upstairs at all.

Yesterday I took Murphy for a walk along the Ambleside sea wall.

He's a bit lonely these days so it's nice for him to get out and mix with other dogs.

He has really attached himself to Jackson.
They love to cuddle and now he sleeps on the floor in Jackson's room.

I really miss having 2 dogs in the house.  If it were up to me we'd each have a dog!!

Murphy misses having a playmate for sure!

We are considering getting another dog soon.

It's nice to have dogs in the house - to spread the love and run around with!


My first dog was named Princess.

I think I was 8 when we got her and she lived to be 15.

She was a great family dog!

She didn't mind being dressed up by 3 girls and would go hunting with my dad!