Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Funn with Finn

We've had our new puppy Finn for 4 weeks now.  He is officially 3 months old (13 weeks).

He's settling in nicely with our family routine and is now at that biting/nipping stage that all puppies get to when they are tired/playful/teething etc.

We are trying to correct this behaviour but it's so difficult (and painful).

He has learned a lot in the short time we've had him.

He knows how to sit and wait for his food bowl to be put down.

He is sleeping through the night - wakes up at 6am for a pee break but then goes back into his crate for a few more hours of sleep.

His favourite sleeping spot is inside the family room ottoman.

Or curled up in his bed with a favourite stuffy.

He is getting used to him name Finn but at first he was coming to "good boy" even when we said it to Murphy.

He is not a fan of walking on leash and gets tired easily.

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